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The GCI Gemological Laboratories & College is a certified universal institute providing gemological services, such as diamond grading reports (included fancy color), enhanced diamonds identification (HPHT, irradiations), man -made / synthetic diamonds and imitation detection as well as certification of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. Exhaustive professional courses on rough and polished diamonds, gemstones and jewelry design, given by The College for Diamonds Gemstones and Jewelry, will enable you to acquire essential knowledge, as well as a vast practical experience. Graduating in the polished diamond course will grant you a D.G. (Diamond Grader) diploma, while passing the exams of all three courses will appoint you as a Graduate Gemologist (G.G. diploma).

In our main website at , you will find detailed information regarding our organization and the services it provides . Kindly feel free, to send an e-mail or call us with any question, suggestion or request for further information.

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